Friday, November 6, 2009

My Crazy November

Hi there! I'm finally here in Manila, Philippines, and it's so amazing to be welcomed with countless hugs from the friends I've made on my previous trips here. I already miss everyone back at home, but it's nice to have a second home here.

After a brief couple days to settle into my apartment, I'm actually leaving this Sunday and going on the road for the month of November! Each week, for the next 3 weeks, I'll be in a different city and I'll be living with a different host family while volunteering at a local preschool/day-care for children in poverty. I've been asked to teach one lesson or activity each day at the various preschools...and I have just tomorrow (Saturday) to prepare! Talk about being thrown into the mission field head-first!

Also, while I'll be dropped off in each city by friends, I will actually not be working with anyone from my regular team during these 3 weeks. I'm going solo on this adventure. This experience will thus not only be great for some exposure to a variety of educational environments in the Philippines, but I'll also be submerged in Filipino culture and encouraged to make new friends. I will definitely be stretched to new limits this month. But on November 28th I will return to my apartment, and things will settle down a little. Don't be nervous if you do not hear from me much in the next 3 weeks, I will be in good hands with my host families. I will surely have some great stories after this adventure!!

Take care, and pray that I will have the energy and strength to serve the children I'll be meeting and teaching this month!


  1. Booya! 1st post. I found yr fortune cookie in my pocket (oops I fergot to give it to you)!. Know what it said? It said you have a capacity to reach out and bring great strength to others. Something like that. Sounds like wot yr doing right now! Best of luck...stay in line..

  2. Hey John, our prayers go with you! -Karl :v)

  3. That is so exciting John!!! Happy planning today!!! Though.. I'm almost sure your day is over... so, I hope the planning went well. I know the teacher in you, 'last minute planner', will come out with great success! Our thoughts and prayers of encouragement/strength/perseverance/and sharing your love are with you Brother!


  4. Go John Go!!!
    Sounds like you're having a crazy first month but i know that this is God's plan for you life so it'll all turn out great! We already miss you back home but we're excited for you do be doing such wonderful things in the Phils! You encourage me to be all i can be for God so thanks for that John and never forget to do it all for Him!!
    You are in our thoughts and prayers and a letter is coming your way soon!!