Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Gabby is Going to College!

by John Coffey

Please enjoy this brief, 2-minute video of our very own Gabby Malquisto sharing his exciting news...

Gabby seeks to improve himself and also to improve our programs for out-of-school youth by getting a degree in education and becoming our own licensed high school teacher at IT Tender. Growing up in poverty himself, going to college is a huge challenge for Gabby. He has already enrolled by faith, using his personal funds for the enrolment fees and entrance exam (which he passed!). We now need to raise $500 per semester to cover his tuition and school expenses. An additional $200 per semester would cover his transportation for the long commute each day. His first semester is in June, so the rally for support is urgent. Donations of any amount will greatly help Gabby’s education.

For more information on how to support Gabby's college, email John Coffey (Director of IT Tender) at

Gabby currently mentors and prepares out-of-school youth for their high school equivalency exam
On May 1st, IT Tender hosted our annual "Family Day" at a swimming resort for 250 children and parents from our education and nutrition programs. For many families, they were experiencing this kind of outing at a nice swimming pool for the very first time. The joy in their faces is evident from the photos. It's also our joy at IT Tender to encourage families to bond and develop relationships within their community. Filipinos are a resilient people who understand the importance of family. However, the strain of poverty still threatens to disintegrate relationships and ultimately lead to broken families. While this Family Day may seem like such a simple event, it is actually an unforgettable day that these families will cherish forever.

Theresa (from our Sponsor-A-Child program) enjoys a dip 

Catherine (from our preschool) enjoys the free photo booth where each family got to take home a framed family photo

Adorable smiles from some BFF's in our FFL (Food For Life) nutrition program 
From April 28 to May 1, I joined the "Leader Mundial Summit" in Atlanta, Georgia. This was an incredibly edifying and empowering retreat for global leaders from organizations around the world. I'm thankful for the things I learned from one-on-one coaching, group seminars, and plenty of free materials and resources. Please continue to pray for me as I gain more experience as a leader and strive to constantly improve myself for the benefit of my team and our clients at IT Tender.

This is what a group of global leaders, pastors, and CEO's looks like.
...and this is what a group of global leaders, pastors, and CEO's acts like.

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