Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"The Filipino is worth dying for." - Ninoy Aquino Jr., a martyr for his people

Hi there everyone!

It's been seven months since I last left the Philippines. Not a day goes by that I don't think about the children there. I'm patiently awaiting my return as a FULL-TIME worker in Manila with International Teams - hopefully for many years to come! I'm excited for what God has in store for the children there, and I'm ready and willing to be used and stretched as I continue providing an education and healthy meals for street children in poverty who don't have the privilege to go to school.

In the meantime, I'm working part-time in various group homes for adults with special needs. In July and August I'll be a counselor and academic tutor to children with special needs at a wonderful place called Camp Kodiak (near Parry Sound, Ontario). My biggest priority now though is raising support for my work in the Philippines so that I can return in the Fall. When I think about the amount I need to raise (over $2000 monthly), it feels quite daunting. However, these street children are my life and my passion, and I will work as hard as it takes to return to them. Whenever I feel overwhelmed, I just think of the motto of a Filipino named Ninoy Aquino who sacrificed his life to free the Filipino people from an authoritarian regime. He said, "The Filipino is worth dying for!" Absolutely. And I would only add - they are worth living for too.

Right now, I'm just past halfway in the amount of monthly sponsorships I need to serve in the Philippines full-time. THANK YOU to all who have decided to sponsor me or pledged to sponsor me - you are the reason why I can serve in the Philippines and why we can hope to sustain a program that provides schooling for impoverished children. Before I can return, I still need more monthly sponsors. If you feel at all compelled to help, please contact me at johndlcoffey@gmail.com. There is NO MINIMUM required sponsorship amount, so any amount that fits your budget that you can give monthly is a BIG blessing. All donors will receive tax receipts and a fridge magnet that I designed. Monthly donations can be given through automatic bank withdrawal or credit card. Email me for a donor form, or go to this site if you want to give online with a credit card:

Even if you can email me to say you can "pledge" to begin sponsoring me when I leave in the Fall, that will allow me to start planning my return! Once I simply have enough pledges, I can book my flight and plan my date to return to our little school and to resume classes at Tagalog language school.

Thank you again for all of your support - for your donations, prayers, and encouragement. Please enjoy this video (below) that was taken by a missionary from England who came to check out our programs (...you may recognize some of these kids - the video is taken in the Sucat community where we regularly serve meals to the street kids there). I love these children!!

Philippines from Alex Lawrence on Vimeo.

"Ingat kayo!" (take care!)


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