Friday, September 23, 2011

It's Official - I'm Going Back November 2nd!

Dear friends and family,

I'm writing with some VERY wonderful news. I feel so blessed to announce that my flight is booked - I will return to the Philippines on November 2nd! Now more than ever I'm most thankful for the opportunity to serve and love my Filipino brothers and sisters as a career. Overwhelmingly, I can sense the grace of God in His provisions and support in paving the narrow road for me to dedicate my life's work to honour Him and to be an extension of His grace and love for the street children in Manila.

And of course, thank YOU. To my friends, co-workers, relatives, even acquaintances - you've followed along with me and offered more support, prayers, and encouragement than I could ever imagine or repay. Your grace and compassion could never be overstated.

Speaking of support - although I have booked my flight, I've done this with a great measure of faith. Many people have offered much financial support for which I'm so thankful, but in truth I'm still a bit short in the monthly support I need to sustain myself and the daycare/school. I am around $400 short monthly - which means if you're considering sponsoring my work and you haven't yet, right now is the time. A handful of sponsorships anywhere from $5 monthly to $100 monthly and we're good to go! If you would like to donate or sponsor me, you can do so anytime through credit card here: Support John Coffey ...or you can donate or sponsor through automatic bank withdrawal or cheque (email me at for the appropriate form to fill out). All donors/sponsors will receive tax receipts and a fridge magnet with a photo of yours truly in Manila - a friendly reminder to remember me and the kids in your prayers :).

For the next few weeks, I may be busily preparing for my return, but I'm never too busy to spend some time with you. Please email or call me if you would like to meet up for coffee or dinner or shawarma or frogurt or absolutely anything - because I would love to enjoy your company before I leave for this next two-year term in Manila. Send me a shout at or at home at 519-669-8173.

Thank you for your continued support and prayers!

Blessings and love,


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